Biographical Marketing Services

You get strategic, on-trend guidance quickly and reasonably.
Lindsey Communications offers plans and strategies that reflect recent consumer behavior research, market trends and thirty years of all-phase marketing experience.

The resulting strategic marketing plans are presented to your team in a half or full-day training session. The execution of your strategic marketing plan is then carried out by your in-house team. This system is both beneficial and cost-effective.

Whether you need initial planning, are midstream into plan, or are at the end review stage, Lindsey Communications will provide on-trend counsel. Small projects are welcome, even if all you need is to simply get a quick opinion on one piece of your marketing effort.

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  • Product and company image definition
  • Target audience analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Message development
  • Media planning and buying strategies
  • Business development and customer relations
  • Promotional and event planning
  • Development of corporate contributions programs

This aspect of the Lindsey Communications approach is unique. The marketing plans you will receive reflect both a classic marketing approach with an added benefit. Research tells us that today’s consumers have a need for more personal information about the organizations with whom they deal. Your audience wants to understand you, your organization, and your products. Each company has a history, a character, a personality, and it is increasingly important to your consuming audience to know some of that about you. So, Lindsey Communications offers proven strategic marketing with a biographical emphasis…showing you how to express the benefits of your product or service in a relational way that connects with your audience.

Advanced speaking from a written script

  • For the more formal speech or presentation when every word has to be right, the skill of natural delivery from a written script is required.

Speaking informally with no prior preparation

  • The majority of your time is spent speaking informally…why not do it well? From one-on-one to “please say a few words”, the techniques of off-the-cuff delivery are invaluable.

Conversational skills

  • Face to face interaction is highly impactful. It’s key to relationship building, yet is an art seldom practiced with ease and excellence. You’ll learn the art as well as the science of warm conversation.

Developing the ability to effectively listen

  • Listening…the other half of the communications loop. Exercises and skill building develop you into a 100% listener.

Improving voice quality and personality

  • The voice personality defines who we are, and can be greatly improved for likability and credibility. Training covers breathing, strength, range, inflection, pace, expression and much more.

Diction and grammar

  • The keys to clear communication and expression of intelligence…learn to keep your speech free from the three most common mistakes that distract from the credibility of your message.

Refining personal image and style

  • You have a persona like no other. This training defines it, brings it forward, and develops a unique style that is well accepted.

Advanced work in body and facial expression

  • Learn how nonverbal communication can provide a powerful and authentic underline to your words.

Advanced dress and grooming

  • Understand the messages sent with clothing and by grooming. Know how to send theright ones for you.

Successful use of humor

  • Stories, wit, playfulness…how to weave humor into your style of speaking and do it well.

Writing speeches that sound conversational

  • Bringing in the two key elements every speech must contain and making it sound the way you speak…natural and authentic.

Effective use of audio and visual aids

  • Using a variety of media can make any speech more memorable and interesting. You’ll learn the best ideas, how and when to use them.

Audience insights

  • Tailor your speech to be the most effective, the most meaningful, and the best received for each type of audience.

Presentation staging

  • Learn the three keys to stage polished and successful events.

Managing audience questions

  • How to be warm and connected to your audience as you answer various types of questions in a clear and accurate manner.

Media/interview training

  • Be prepared to take advantage of the forum opportunity of the media interview by knowing how to look, sound and express key messages.
Increasingly, the news media is looking for interviews and quotes from key leaders across a wide spectrum of organizations. The media interview can be an excellent opportunity to express your ideas and your organization to a wide audience with the proper skills of how to say what you mean.

Successful interview management skills are critical to achieve a high probability of a good outcome. Lindsey Communications offers full day private, semiprivate or group training which provides an immediate increase in your ability to present yourself, your ideas and your organization well in any media interview format.

The media training program includes strengthening public communication skills, developing an authentic, appealing style and mastering impromptu speaking skills.

Media training features:

  • Understanding how the media works
  • Strategic positioning of the message and the messenger
  • Best practices of interview preparation
  • Acquiring stage presence
  • Appearance essentials: attire, grooming, hair and makeup
  • Getting your message across
  • Staying in control of the interview