“Joan Lindsey and the Lindsey Family Foundation are difference makers. For more than a decade, the vision to impact culture through media has been executed not only through Joan’s professional seminars but through the foundation’s support of a host of high impact strategies on the world of global media. Many people complain about the negative influence of media. Joan and the foundation do many positive things to change it.”
Larry W. Poland, Ph.D., Chairman and Founder of Mastermedia International
“Joan Lindsey and the Lindsey Foundation has been at the cutting edge of media redemption and transformation. She has done exhaustive and careful study into the best approaches to redeeming the values of the mass media of entertainment and has brought wisdom, talent and knowledge to bear on helping the select ministries in the mass media of entertainment that she helps. I commend Joan Lindsey and applaud the influence she has had to improve the mass media of entertainment by redeeming the values of the mass media of entertainment.”
Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®
“Joan Lindsey is more than an experienced media and marketing expert. She’s a passionate professional who’s knowledge and commitment have helped to reshape and redefine our media and outreach approaches. Joan’s commitment to truly get to know her clients makes all the difference in the outcome of outreach efforts. In addition, she knows not only what’s happing now – she is also able to anticipate what is to come with great accuracy. As a result of working with Joan, Pacific Justice Institute is not just “current” with our media outreach. Thanks to our work with Joan, we’ve been launched to a new level.”

Brad Dacus, President, Pacific Justice Institute
“I have had the honor of working with Joan Lindsey, who is one of the most professional, sharp, energetic, passionate, intelligent and culturally savvy Christian woman I have ever met. For the past 13 years, I have looked up to Joan as a mentor, an inspiration and a role model. She has breathed life into my ministry, the Hollywood Prayer Network, both with her financial support and her business, creative and marketing advice, ideas, suggestions, and insight. Joan takes the time to narrow in on how I can be most effective with HPN, and how to most effectively use the media to further the work of my non-profit. Joan lives what she talks about, she understands what she’s saying and she doesn’t waste any words or anyone’s time. She is unique in understanding also how important it is for Christians to be involved in our culture through media and entertainment and her encouragement and even her training in preparing people to respond to the media, is having an eternal impact on our society. I have seen miracles happen through my ministry, the Hollywood Prayer Network, and many of them are because of something Joan has suggested, offered or given to us to implement in our work. And she makes me laugh. Every meeting is a joy to me and I leave ready to take on the world! I am eternally grateful for the Lindsey Family Foundation and know that we would not be seeing the growth in people praying for the entertainment industry or the miraculous changes in the hearts of the people creating our nation’s media, without Joan, Kielle, Jim and the whole Lindsey team.”
Karen Covell, Founding Director, The Hollywood Prayer Network
“Over the last decade, The Lindsey Family Foundation has helped us take the original documents and principles of America’s Founding Fathers from our library in Aledo, Texas, and share them with the entire world. The Lindsey Family Foundation’s financial grants to WallBuilders have not only given us a greater voice to reach literally millions more people, but Joan’s personal attention and media expertise has made that reach far more effective in influencing the course and culture of America. Additionally, Joan’s personal media training of hundreds of state legislators through our ProFamily Legislative Conference has equipped decision makers throughout America to stand effectively for founding principles.”
David Barton, President, WallBuilders Presentations
“The Lindsey Family Foundation has been an instrumental catalyst and absolutely essential support for the success of WallBuilders Live! Many Foundations are capable of writing checks, but Joan Lindsey did so much more than just financially contribute. The Foundation’s strategic gifts, coupled with Joan’s advise, vision, and expertise has born tremendous fruit by greatly influencing the culture through the media she has helped us create and distribute. I can honestly say Wallbuilders Live would most certainly not be reaching millions of people with truth, and perhaps not even exist, if it were not for Joan Lindsey’s support, advice and guidance.”
Rick Green, Co-host, WallBuilders Live!
“I have known and worked with Joan Lindsey and Kielle Horton for six years. Through the Lindsey Foundation, they have provided great leadership and provision for the understanding and growth of the Cinema & Media Arts program at Biola University as a culture-shaping medium. I cannot recommend anyone more highly.”
Jack Hafer, Producer, Director of Biola's Cinema and Media Arts Program
“I know that the heart of Joan Lindsey and the vision of Lindsey Communications Group is to prepare leaders to represent their organizations and causes. I have observed firsthand the Lindsey facilities and studio, and I know that this beautiful facility, together with Joan’s skills in sharpening and improving communications, will give ideas to even the most seasoned professionals. Joan Lindsey–a good friend and strategic partner in the work of Biola University–along with her talented group is focused like a laser on helping leaders and teams achieve a new level of professionalism and excellence.”
Barry H. Corey, Biola University President
“Congratulations to the Lindsey Family Foundation on 20 years of culture impact. The Foundation’s generous investment in our efforts – both in underwriting our TV uplink studio as well as Joan’s investment of her media presentation and communication expertise in one-on-one Focus spokesperson training and coaching over the years – has equipped the ministry to have an amplified voice, heightened exposure, and wide- ranging reach in the culture through various media channels.”
Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family
“Our work with Lindsey Communications has been of tremendous benefit over the past several years. Literally dozens of staff members within focus on the family have expressed appreciation for the expert consultation Lindsey Communications has provided them. What has been especially valuable is the breadth of knowledge and up-to-date research that Lindsey Communications articulates. Through their help, we are consistently improving in various and diverse areas of public presentation.”
Ron Prentice, Vice President of Public Affairs Focus on the Family
“What Joan does is to take your enthusiasm and package it into communication that gets results”
Alan Sears, President, Alliance Defense Fund
“Without a doubt, the media training and speech training you provided have proved to be among the most valuable experiences I had while serving as President of Family Research Council. Indeed those sessions were among the most valuable experiences I have had in my entire professional career. The skills you taught me have wonderful application to presentations of any kind… media appearances, speaking engagements, or jury trials. I can’t thank you enough for investing your time to enable me to enhance my ability to communicate my message. I will always be grateful for your help and will continue to benefit from it for years to come.”
Kenneth L. Connor Attorney at Law, Former President Family Research Council